Organizational Reporting Insight

for Watson Campaign Automation
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Every login shows you exactly how your organization is performing.

The HoneyAPI Dashboard was built to provide quick access to common key metrics unavailable in Watson Campaign Automation. These metrics, combined with user-set goals, a quick rundown of recent mailing performance, and notifications about excess abuse complaints and opt-outs, make the Dashboard a one-stop shop for managers.

Honey will also generate charts that show volume, average open and click rates for the last 6 months, and provide insight into opt-outs and abuse complaints over the last 30 days.

Single Mailing Report


Send a mailing report in as little as 10 seconds.

See if your email met your unique goals, view any warnings for excessive opt-outs or abuse complaints, and review full metrics in a single, automated report.

View a preview of your mailing (and send yourself a copy) and get a better understanding of performance for the top 20 domains on your recipients list.

Even better, quickly send an email version of the report with commentary to keep your managers at bay.

Need a list of recipients who clicked? Those that bounced or opted-out? We do that, too. You can download event data directly from Honey.

Visual API XML Builder


Form-based interfaces do the heavy-lifting for you.

Some of Watson Campaign Automation's Reporting APIs have over 50 individual parameters you can include to return the data you need.

Don't worry about writing XML, or figuring out element names or formatting. Check a few check boxes and choose values from drop downs instead! We also include IBM's documentation and code and response samples in case you have questions about a specific element.

Beyond generating the XML for you, you can run the API directly from Honey and receive a user-friendly response either as a download or a presentation of the requested information.

Contact Insight with Time-Based Performance Reports


Audience performance changes over time.

Notice any trends develop as you routinely send to your marketing lists? Perhaps a decreases in clicks, or an increase in opt-outs?

Honey will evaluate your contact source and pull all associated mailings to provide you with a quick health-check to help you see what's working and what's not.

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Report on up to 5 mailings in less than 30 seconds.

We've all had managers ask for mailing reports for all mailings in a given campaign. A/B Tests anyone?

Honey let's you quickly select up to 5 emails to run a comparison report -- select a metric and find out which email performed the best!

Honey lays it all out for you in an easy-to-read table that can be exported or emailed, saving you both time and energy.